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Enhance your curb appeal with Redemption Roofing’s repairs!

This roofing service is the best solution for roofing’s that are heavily stained in Raleigh homes and businesses in North Carolina because it restores your residential roofing looks and feels and protects you with a safeguard against the future algae infestation. It is the only roofing service which flows and blends the roof’s aesthetics looks without damaging your landscaping or property near Raleigh, all while being an excellent service that’s affordable by spraying the roofing at the slight pressure.

Your home or business’s roofing will be repaired in three easy steps:

1) Step 1 — The solution adheres to the roofing for long-term protection.
2) Step 2 — The roofing is-serviced so that all existing algae, stains and debris, and are removed.
3) Step 3 — This stage defends against future algae infestation.

Our roofing inspectors are the best in Raleigh in the industry, not only because they will revive your roofing’s beauty, but will protect your houses property by eliminating the need for costly and potentially detrimental maintenance contracts over time. Ask us about our efficient roofing warranty’s.

We’re Raleigh’s leading source for roofing maintenance services!

Over time, wear can grow and a little damage can happen one day, and the the homes roofing ceases to keep the water out. With regular roofing maintenance, you can extend the service life of your roofing and avoid sudden, upsetting leaks.

Our roofing repair services include:

1) Residential Shingle Roof repair
2) Bitumen roofing repair
3) Flat roofing repair
4) Roofing leak repair
5) EPDM roofing repairs

Important things are as off-putting and damaging to your roofing as moldy algae.

In Raleigh, we see many roofing’s nourishing healthy algae growth. And many homeowners roofer asphalt shingle manufacturers apply an algae-resistant coating guaranteed on a prorated basis. Eventually, normal weathering exposes the shingles where the algae can gain a foothold. When this happens, don’t wait! Get in touch with the experts at Redemption Roofing, and we can offer a variety of remedies to keep the algae away.

Raleigh Roofing Inspections

If your roofing has the unsightly problem of algae, Redemption Roofing has the answer.  Our process softly washes the shingles Once treated, you will be amazed at how beautiful your roofing can be again. Do not let algae destroy your roofing’s livelihood!

Raleigh Roofing Replacements, Installs & Repairs

Our North Carolina local roofers in Raleigh are skilled at repairing poorly installed roofing jobs on sections if a previous homeowner in Raleigh made the mistake of hiring an competent roofing contractor. our roofing contractors near you are experts who can fix shingles, roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing, flat roofing and more to the damaged areas to good-as-new condition and tie it into the rest of the roofing.

Raleigh Roofing Inspections

If you are selling your property in Raleigh we’re the team with the answers! We offer free roofing inspections and consultations and are happy to provide you with our honest assessment of the NC’s property’s roofing’s conditions. If we believe it is still looking good, we can provide that opinion in writing, if needed.

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Roofing Maintenance and Tune-ups near me Raleigh

A wise decision is to have regular checkups performed on your residential and or commercial roofing to foresee future roofing damages. Redemption Roofing provides a low-cost plan to inspect your roofing every two years. We will look for any problems with your shingles, flashings, rubber components on pipe jacks, sealant strips, windows, chimney caps, gutters. Attic insulation contractors, skylights, and We can then tune it up as needed. Remember, the angle changes on your roofing, the higher the possibility of leaks. If your roofing is architectural “cut-up”, we highly recommend a maintenance and tune-up plan.

Hail Damage Repairs for Roofs

This is common knowledge that the roof is the essential part of a home. It is the first line of defense against the weather. It keeps us safe from storms, snow, and hail storms. Hail storms are unpredictable and can cause massive damage to your roof, cars, and windows. They are also dangerous to skylights, shingles, ventilators, and gutters. Even small-sized hail can damage the roofs. Although every hail storm varies in size and intensity, it is recommended that you run a quick checkup of your roofs after every hail storm. Below are a few important facts about your roofing you need to check:

1) Missing Granules

A hail storm can rack havoc on roof shingles, and the granules fall out. If you see missing granules in excess, you need to call your roofer as soon as possible.

2) Cracking

Asphalt shingles and other roof material can crack and cause leakage in the home. Watch out.

3) Exposed Layer of Matting

It can lead the roofing elements to rip off very quickly. Take a close look. It is ingenious and super important to know that hail storms damage different materials in different ways. Here are some of the top clues for you to inspect the damage levels for different roof materials.

1. Asphalt Shingles Roofs Repair

Intense hail storms can easily damage these types of roofs. The granules of shingles go missing, shingle cracks, and dented. Even the granule coating on the shingles can wear out by minimizing the life of these shingles. You should call our roofers and get it repaired ASAP before the can cause massive damage to your home.

2. Wood Shingles Roof Repairs

Wood shingles tend to stand firm to hail storms, but still strong winds can crack the grain, which can make the shingles go loose. Get it fixed to avoid any water leakages.

3. Tile Shingles Roof Repairs

Tiles are the most fragile material and can be easily broken by the hail storms. Make sure you get it fixed before extensive damage occurs.

4. Slate Roofs Repairs

These kinds of roofs can also be cracked by hail storms and fall. Strong winds can damage them very quickly. Understanding the hail damage and accessing it is an important thing to do. the above guide will help you inspect and investigate the damages more effectively and quickly. With the right knowledge, you can save your home and your family from huge damages.

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