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When you are replacing your Attic insulation for a home in Raleigh or even removing attic insulation; You might think it’s simple: but think twice as it may seem straightforward, but hiring an Attic insulation contractor and trusting the right professional roofing company with the job is smart.

Our team at Redemption Roofing is experienced in installing attic insulation for the Raleigh NC areas, and we know the super essential vital issues to consider, including the number of square feet of insulation your Raleigh attic will need. Get attic insulation installation from trusted local pros. We look forward to you becoming a happy lifelong customer by serving all your needs. Contact us for attic insulation installation near you in Raleigh, NC Today. Request A Quote.

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Things to Consider:

1) The right kind of attic insulation materials you need. There are many various brands and materials for insulation products that have unique installation energy efficiency ratings and methods. By hiring Redemption Roofing and Restoration for all your attic insulation needs, we will find the right attic materials and products for your home’s needs can have a significant impact in helping you save time and headaches as well as money on your monthly cooling and heating bills, and the better prices of the insulation itself.

2) The Correct attic installations for Raleigh homes you will need. Your home’s attic is where your castle is at and likely full of hazardous surfaces, severe angles, and sharp corners. Our team of attic insulation service contractors in the Raleigh areas will not only guarantee that your insulation for your house is installed evenly and done correctly. Well, make sure that your home’s electrical wires and the attic’s structure are not damaged in the process. Guaranteed!

Redemption Roofing’s Small Details, Big Results:

Below is a list of the types of insulation materials, products, and services


It’s critical to your house’s attic has adequate amounts of free Air flowing freely ventilation. The Air enters leaves, and the attic in the main point, which will be referred to as the eave or soffit. If you are constructing a new house in North Carolina, you need to plan to set up vents and also a ridge vent for your zoning.

Another essential element is using Air Baffles or Vent Chutes. All these are commonly made from a Styrofoam or cardboard, and therefore are stapled or nailed within the attic in the eave to maintain the blown insulation out of filling the vented soffit, along with the airflow to maneuver across the decking out of the soffits into the ridge. An attic extends the life span of your roofing and prevents you from creating high utility bills from heating and cooling temperatures.


At Redemption Roofing near you in the Raleigh areas, it’s occasionally required to eliminate and remove damaged or old insulation in a house before correctly air sealing or insulating an attic. This is necessary if there has been a leak or fire leading to smoke or water damages. The insulating material removal procedure is performed with a grade vacuum for removing insulation made. Even though it is never a simple task, these vacuums help us remove the padding to get a positive outcome for your homes project.


This item consists of 100% recycled paper and cardboard materials and can be used chiefly on metal structures, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. It is a product that may be used for the needs, for the vapor barrier, or thermal.

The distinction is in R-value, although once implemented, both make air seals. Open-cell has an R-value of approximately 4.0 per inch. Closed-cell has an R-value of roughly 6.2 to 7.0 per inch, depending upon the manufacturer. The principal difference is that spray foam may produce a fantastic vapor barrier, while open-cell cannot.


It can be a blown application that is utilized in attics for homes in Raleigh and outside walls of new or present structures. Blown Fiberglass insulation is a superb option since its properties allow it to be fluffy and light. Therefore, it holds R-Value and its thickness as time passes. This is. Blown Cellulose and is an excellent construction product which produces a seal that is fantastic and is applied with a paste adhesive that holds the substance and water! This a building application that we have been performing since the 1980s and is implemented with water, therefore there has to be some opportunity before hanging drywall to dry. This interval is days. This is achieved when your water lines operate under your house in a crawl space. Wrapping your water lines helps optimize your water heater’s efficiency.


Among the most significant procedures of producing an energy-efficient construction is to secure all factors of air infiltration. This is required in areas around doors, windows, electrical outlets, pipes, and joints on outside walls. It may be accomplished via many different methods, such as foaming, caulking, or stuffing insulation within these locations that were leaky. We utilize zip ties that are long to hold the wrapping. This is sometimes achieved by gas and electric water heaters.

We understood the insulation construction materials and products we use have an impact on your bottom line. Therefore, we strive to use the absolute highest quality products from brand leaders in the insulation industry. We always provide FREE ESTIMATES in Raleigh and would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business with your insulation needs!

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